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Francesco Baglietto e F. is able to offer qualified assistance in any port in Europe and around the world. The wide range of supplies and services we offer allows us to serve large-scale cruise ships and merchant ships.


In 1875, Francesco Baglietto, a young entrepreneur from Savona, decided to go into business as a ship chandler. In the beginning, his business was strictly local. This was an age when the majority of ships were sailing ships, and the first mixed vessels (both sail and steam) had only recently begun to appear. Ships spent weeks between voyages for loading and unloading operations, and they were resupplied exclusively in the port of Savona.  


Even casks of drinking water were delivered, either directly to the dock or by a barge owned by the supplier. It was the dawn of the Industrial Age in Italy. Just a few years earlier, the railway had been opened in Savona, providing essential connections and contributing to the development of the port. It was a different time when Francesco Baglietto, seizing the opportunities presented by the swift changes Italy was then undergoing, set off down a road that would continue to be followed by his son Giovanni and his grandson Francesco. Giovanni Baglietto, the fourth generation, took the company's helm in the early 1970s, guiding the family company with pride and passion. Today, 140 years after its founding, it is one of the world's most well-known shipping companies.


Although Giovanni remains firmly in command, the torch is now passing to his daughter Camilla (fifth generation) whose duty it will be to carry on the business.




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